BORJATHERM prefabricated panels are made of a core of closed-cell polyurethane foam with excellent dimensional stability and high breaking strength, surrounded on all four sides by a protective layer of aluminium foil. Thanks to this combination of materials the panels have one of the best thermal insulation coefficients on the market, making them ideal for use in both cold and hot climates.

Each panel has its own integrated Aluzinc ventilated batten and is self-supporting, as long as the minimum spacing between battens (according to the thickness) is used. These features make the panels ideal both for refurbishment projects and new builds.

BORJATHERM panels are supplied ready for the installation of all roof tile models available. This means there is no need to make adjustments or take measurements on site, generating a notable saving in time and labour.

By following the simple instructions when installing the system, you will avoid the main problems which affect sloping roofs, such as condensation, which is limited thanks to the large, uniform ventilated cavity between the tiles and the insulation panels which also facilitates the drying of the ceramic tiles to prevent breakages caused by ice in critical climate areas.

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